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Case Studies

Case Study: The Logistics of Giving

For the past eight years, nothing has made Stuart MacLennan smile more than helping the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary.
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Case Study: Change is good

Sometimes, a change in responsibilities can be the start of something great. Read about the increased engagement at our Kelowna, BC store.
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Case Study: Second Nature

Employee engagement for charitable and environmental initiatives is high at our Belleville NLC.
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Case Study: Arts and Crafts

Could you imagine cutting up brand new clothes? Our technical design team is working very hard to reduce the amount of samples going to landfill.
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Case Study: Hold the foam

Our Calgary National Logistics Centre has taken on an interesting approach to dealing with the mounds of polystyrene they receive each day. By partnering with a local company and Hutterite colony, they are helping to turn foam into building materials.
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Case Study: One Event, Two Worthy Causes

Brantford, Ontario's Judy Setchell got creative when thinking about ways her store could raise money for Sears Children’s Cancer Charities
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Case Study: No More Bills, Please!

Since we began our sustainability journey at Sears, we have uncovered countless scenarios in which making small changes to the way things are typically done, can add up to big savings for the planet.
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Case Study: A Cleaner, Greener Shoreline

Volunteers from Sears Head Office in Toronto participated in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, an annual conservation initiative led by WWF-Canada.
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Case Study: Cycling the Country to Help End Kids Cancer

For almost a decade, Carlo Di Domizio of Sears Canada has travelled from coast to coast with the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride. He has participated in every Ride since its inauguration in 2008.
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