Sears CSR

Code of Vendor Conduct

The Sears Code of Vendor Conduct is a set of workplace standards to help ensure that all of our vendors adhere to guidelines governing or prohibiting, as the case may be, such important areas of human rights such as child labour, forced labour, health and safety, and discrimination.
The Sears Code of Vendor Conduct is in accordance with the Retail Council of Canada’s “Responsible Trading Guidelines” which focuses on sourcing products and services in a fair and equitable manner both locally and internationally. It outlines the standards to which all Sears Canada vendors, both domestic and foreign, as well as the subcontractors employed by vendors, are required to adhere to as a condition of doing business with Sears.
Our Code of Vendor Conduct is printed in 26 languages and must be posted in the factories of our vendors, ensuring that the people it protects are able to read and understand it. Violations of our Code of Vendor Conduct can be reported to Sears Canada directly by calling our Code of Vendor Conduct phone number. The number is clearly posted on the Code.
Click here to view the Sears Code of Vendor Conduct.