Sears CSR

Ethical Sourcing

Sears Canada is committed to conducting our business with a high standard of business ethics and in compliance with all applicable laws, and we expect our vendors to do the same. While we seek to offer our customers quality products for good value, we also make sure that this is balanced with a compassion for the people making our products. This is why we search worldwide for new, high quality products that are made in factories with ethical standards.

Sears Canada shares many of its international sourcing services with Sears Holdings Corporation ("Sears Holdings"), based in the United States of America. Our longstanding relationship with Sears in the U.S. has allowed us to leverage buying efficiencies over the years which, in turn, have brought better value to our customers. Because of shared resources, Sears Canada’s Code of Vendor Conduct and supplier compliance program are linked with those of Sears Holdings. A common Code of Vendor Conduct allows for a focused approach worldwide for factories producing goods for Sears. For our Company, this arrangement is supported by a dedicated supplier compliance team at our Head Office in Toronto, Ontario.