Sears CSR

Uses Less Power

Products in this category are designed to be more energy efficient during their use phase than their standard counterparts. This is important in reducing the carbon footprint of Sears and Canadians because electricity generation represents the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. The good news is that Canadian homes can cut their carbon footprint in half by combining today's energy efficient technologies such as ENERGY STAR-qualified front load washing machines and LED light bulbs with practical energy conservation behaviours, such as washing in cold water and turning off the lights when leaving a room.

Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to save energy and money on their utility bills. Our marketing strategy is two-fold:

  • When customers are ready to replace their current product we want to help guide them in choosing the most efficient replacement
  • We want to help educate our customers that 'early retirement' is often the right choice. Take a refrigerator for example: a 15 year old refrigerator uses considerably more energy than today's ENERGY STAR qualified models. And with the largest environmental impact coming from the use of a fridge, versus its manufacturing or disposal (more than 95% of appliances are recycled in Canada) early retirement is the right choice to save energy, carbon and money!

When qualifying Uses Less Power eco products we look for one or more of the following attributes:

  • Most efficient within the ENERGY STAR line-up for that product category:

    • Tier 3 qualified refrigerators, dishwashers and clothes washers, as defined by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), are the most efficient with the ENERGY STAR line-up .
    • The most efficient ENERGY STAR TVs (at least 25% more energy efficient than the ENERGY STAR baseline).
  • Innovative technologies that save energy:

    • Induction cooktops are 25% more efficient than an electric cooktop and 50% more efficient than natural gas ones; plus their cooking performance and modern design makes cooking enjoyable.
  • Alternative power sources:

    • The Citizen Eco Drive watch collection harnesses the power of the sun or artificial light to charge the battery so that you will never have to replace the watch battery