Sears CSR

Healthy Home

Green PanCanadians spend a great deal of time indoors, so it is important to ensure that our homes are safe and healthy places to live. Home health risks come in many shapes and forms and can be present in air, water or household products. They can be inhaled or ingested or absorbed through the skin. The Healthy Home eco product category identifies products that can improve the environmental quality inside our homes.

When qualifying Healthy Home products we look for one of the following attributes:

  • Use of the product can have a direct improvement on the indoor environment:

    • Air purifiers reduce pollutants in your home such as pollen and other airborne irritants
    • Water filtration systems ensure clean drinking water
  • Free of harmful toxins:

    • Shower curtains made of 100% PEVA; an alternative to PVC, a common substance found in products which is of concern to some people