Sears CSR

Eco Product Approvals

Eco ProductsWhat qualifies a product as eco at Sears? Sears uses a lifecycle approach to determine whether a product should be labeled as eco.

Every eco product is reviewed by the Sears Sustainability Team for compliance with our eco standards and requirements. Eco product criteria were developed by the Sears Eco Product Committee, consisting of Sears division leaders from both our Apparel division and Home & Hardlines division and a representative from Environmental Defence and WWF-Canada.

Eco product guidelines have been set for each category. The guidelines outline the importance of the Life Cycle Approach, the phases that have the most impact for each product categories and legitimate eco features and labels buyers can look for when sourcing product. The guidelines also provide direction for reviewing and verifying eco claims made by suppliers and guidance to avoid 'green washing'.

Vendors are required to provide documents to validate any eco claims. New eco products must also meet Sears usual buying requirements, such as supplier universal terms and conditions and lab testing results, if applicable.

Not every product qualifies as eco. Here are some examples of products that were approved or denied eco product status at Sears:

Product Type Sears Criteria* Product Features/Claims Decision
* to be qualified as 'eco' the product must meet primary criteria, either reduce energy consumption or material input, depending on product category
A Home D├ęcor item High percentage of certified organic, renewable or recycled materials. Made of 100% recycled material, 90% post consumer waste 100% recyclable Made with vegetable based inks. A Winner of the CBC Dragons Den Greenvention Denied as supplier was unable to provide adequate evidence that the product was as durable as its standard counterpart
A Baby Apparel item High percentage of certified organic, renewable or recycled materials. Made from 100% rayon from bamboo. Denied as the product failed the lab testing for performance/wear and tear.
An electric blanket Reduce energy consumption By using an electric blanket, persons will lower their thermostats in their home and save energy. Denied as there is no definitive evidence that persons using an electric blanket will in fact lower their thermostat.
An exercise machine Reduce energy consumption Reduce energy consumption The corrugate packaging the machine is made from 80% recycled material. The plastic used contains up to 10% recycled material. The walking decks are made from recycled pine. The powder paint used on these treadmills contains no lead. Denied as the supplier could not provide any evidence that the product meet the primary 'eco' criteria for the product category: significantly reduce the energy consumption relative to its standard counterpart.
An exercise machine Reduce energy consumption No batteries or AC adapter required Self generator - operator use powers monitor Approved as this features was unique to industry - reduce energy consumption.
A vacuum Improve air quality Superior ability to remove allergens and expel cleaner air Approved due to endorsement from third party/authority on vacuum standards.