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ENERGY STAR Retailer of the Year


Energy Star Retailer of the Year

Sears Canada has supported the ENERGY STAR Initiative in Canada for over a decade. We are committed to making a broad selection of ENERGY STAR qualified products widely available, accessible, and affordable to our customers.
In recognition of Sears Canada’s leadership in promoting energy efficiency, Sears Canada has been honoured with eight ENERGY STAR Recognition Awards from Natural Resources Canada. This includes seven awards for Retailer of the Year and the coveted award for Sustained Excellence in 2011.
By offering a range of products that look great and are efficient without compromising on performance, Sears makes it easy for homeowners to get what they want while they also significantly reduce their energy consumption and utility bills. Our customers have shown that they believe in saving energy; more than 75% of all appliances we sell qualify as ENERGY STAR. Sears collaborates with our vendors and utility partners to make choosing ENERGY STAR at Sears a natural decision; it is a great example of how we strive to make every day a great day for Canadians.

Sears is proud to be a leader in promoting energy efficiency, and we consider the ENERGY STAR program to be an important component to the offering we make to our customers to help them save energy.

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