Sears CSR

Sustainable Paper

As a retailer with a national marketing presence and history rooted in catalogue distribution, Sears Canada's paper consumption is significant.  We are focused on two complementary approaches to reduce the environmental impact of paper in our business:

1) Reduce paper consumption by 50%

We achieved our goal to reduce the total volume of paper used in our marketing materials by 50%. Between 2007 and 2010, we achieved a 25% reduction by optimizing production and circulation:

  • Smaller, thinner, and lighter catalogues and flyers
  • More targeted mailing lists, which have reduced duplication in delivery
  • Actively shifting catalogue customers online to
  • Creating mobile apps for smartphones and tablets

Within our own operations, our printers are set to default double-sided, reports are increasingly available online, and bulletins are being streamlined to reduce paper and improve communications.

2) Shift towards 100% environmentally-preferable paper sources

In 2009, we released a joint Sustainable Paper Procurement Policy with our parent company Sears Holdings, which covers the following goals:

  • Avoid paper from illegal or controversial sources
  • Source paper through forest certification programs
  • Source paper with post-consumer recycled content

We integrated detailed sustainability criteria were integrated into our paper procurement RFP process. Vendors provided information on the environmental and social impacts of their operations and sustainably-sourced fibre. Since 2010, at least 90% of the paper fibre used in our catalogues and flyers has been certified under FSC or PEFC sustainable certification programs.