Sears CSR

Live Green at Sears

Live Green LogoLive Green is a Sears program to reduce our environmental footprint and help our customers do the same.

Per capita, Canada is one of the largest energy and resource users in the world. Sears recognizes the role a retailer can play in influencing sustainable choices. As a significant energy user, purchaser of materials, and seller of energy using goods, Sears has a responsibility to play an active role in helping to preserve our planet.

Live Green is one way that the company can lead by example. Taking a proactive approach to reducing the impact of Sears own operations better enables us to legitimately broaden our scope and focus on helping Canadians solve their environmental challenges.

Under the Live Green umbrella, Sears promotes environmentally-sustainable choices. Sears has helped to bring public awareness to climate change while offering Canadians eco-friendly products and services that save them energy and money, create a healthy home, and reduce their impact on the environment. Sears also works closely with government agencies and utility companies across the country, in order to make energy efficient options more accessible and affordable for Canadians.

Internally, our dedicated Environmental Sustainability Team works in partnership with all areas of the business, from facilities, IT, stores, logistics, vendors and merchandising teams to develop and action Live Green initiatives that nurture a culture of sustainability among our associates and customers, and reduce the environmental footprint of our operations.