Sears CSR

Fuel Efficiency

SLH Transport Inc., Sears Canada's wholly-owned subsidiary transport company, has a long-standing commitment to fuel efficiency. Since it was founded more than 25 years ago, SLH Transport has been focused on continual improvement of its fleet.

SLH employs a range of leading edge initiatives to attain best-in-class fuel efficiency, including:

  • Fuel efficient vehicles: lightweight trailers, aerodynamic fairings, optimized engine and transmission matching
  • Anti-idling strategies: auto-shutdown on engines, bunk heaters installed in sleeper trucks, ongoing driver idle and speed monitoring
  • Extensive tire management program: to extend tire life while reducing rolling resistance and fuel consumption
  • Electronic speed limiters: installed on all owned and leased trucks since 1985
  • Strategic use of intermodal services
  • Complete preventative maintenance program: including use of low-friction lubricants and detailed oil analysis, to ensure units are functioning safely and at peak performance levels
  • Investing in R&D to identify promising new technologies

A symbol of this success has been the designation as a SmartWay Partner by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Partner designation is awarded to companies that are assessed to have superior fleet performance. SLH Transport achieved the maximum benchmark score with virtually no change to their business operations, highlighting the company’s longstanding commitment to fleet efficiency.

Collaboration in R&D

To remain best-in-class, SLH Transport participates in Project Innovation Transport (PIT) a government/private sector partnership to test innovations in fuel efficiency. Aerodynamic fairings, trailer skirts, and long-combination vehicles are among the fuel-saving technologies implemented following testing through PIT.

More About The SmartWay Initiative

The SmartWay initiative is a voluntary, collaborative public-private program launched in 2004 between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the freight transportation industry. Members of this program, like SLH Transport, are progressive organizations that recognize that their business and the environment could be improved at the same time.