Sears CSR

Associate Well-Being

Sears Canada values the well-being of our associates and their families. We understand the need for being able to effectively manage work and life, and we are committed to ensuring a safe, productive work environment where the health, safety, dignity, and worth of all of our associates are respected.

Health and Safety

Sears Canada is committed to fostering a Health and Safety culture in our organization. All of our associates have a vested interest in supporting and maintaining a safe working environment. Through annual training and ongoing internal auditing, we strive to make sure that all associates understand why a health and safety culture is important to their area of the business, and ultimately the company.

Our health and safety campaign targets three measurable goals:

  • Reduce the number of Lost Days due to injury
  • Reduce the number of Medical Aids
  • Reduce the number of Lost Time Injuries

By achieving reduction in these three areas, it means that less associates will have been injured at work and for those that are injured, we will have gotten them back to work in a timely manner. The benefit of getting injured associates back to work in a timely manner is that they will be engaged and productive going forward.

Download our Corporate Health and Safety Policy Statement

Flexible Benefits

Associate consulting a health care provider.Remaining responsive to the needs of our associates, our Company's benefits plan was created with feedback and input from associate focus groups. The resulting flexible benefits program provides associates with coverage options from which to choose.

We believe that all eligible associates should have a minimum level of company paid protection from unexpected illnesses and other events. A substantial part of the Sears Canada associate base is covered under a core, company-paid program.

The core plan provides eligible associates with health care, a basic level of life insurance, and a health spending account. In addition, the core plan includes long-term disability coverage for full-time associates.

Other benefits include an associate discount privilege, a group Defined Contribution (DC) RRSP, and a scholarship program for qualifying dependants of associates.

Associate Assistance Program

Associate and a counsellor. We understand that it sometimes may be difficult for people to come to work and leave their personal issues at home.

Sears Canada's Associate Assistance Program is a free, bilingual, 24-hour, confidential counselling and referral service available to all of our associates (both part-time and full-time) and their eligible family members. It provides advice and counsel on a variety of professional and personal concerns. This free program is designed to help associates with personal or work-related issues before the matters at hand become more serious.

Support can be accessed in person, through a toll-free telephone number, or online. From personal well-being and nutrition counseling, to managing stress and work-life issues, to relationship and family counselling, to basic financial and legal assistance, to child and elder care location assistance, to addiction and smoking cessation programs, a full range of services is available to all Sears Canada associates and their families.

By addressing these issues, we are helping our associates to be better able to focus on their work, and showing them that Sears cares about their well-being. This all leads to a more productive and engaged workforce.

Mutual Respect in the Workplace

People Holding Hands We understand that we play a part in the safety and comfort of our customers and associates. We are committed to preserving an environment of mutual respect. Harassment and violence exist in our society and we know that they do not always stop at our front door. If harassment or violence does occur, we take the necessary steps to ensure that it is addressed and is not repeated.

Sears Canada has a comprehensive workplace violence prevention and response program. We have developed a number of policies and programs designed to protect our customers and associates from dangerous situations. Our zero tolerance approach, Respect in the Workplace, Employment Equity and Non-Discrimination, and Violence Prevention policies are embedded in our Code of Business Conduct and are examples of our commitment to maintaining a safe shopping and working environment for our customers and associates.

Protecting our Stakeholders

Storm Clouds Sears Canada has developed a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) program to address emergency situations which could result in a business interruption affecting our People, Processes or Technology. As part of this BCP program the CCMT (Sears Canada Corporate Crisis Management Team) was created. Its mandate is to protect our stakeholders (customers, associates, business partners, and communities) in times of emergency. Comprised of senior management team members, the CCMT is trained to come together at one of two Emergency Operations Centres (EOC) to act quickly and decisively to protect our stakeholders and their interests in the event of a crisis or disaster. By taking care of our people and facilities, we are protecting our business and the communities in which we operate.


In addition, Sears retains a third party engineering consultant to conduct yearly inspections of its properties, using an audit format ensuring each property is measured against the same risk issues using a defined set of objectives (fire prevention/protection, safety/liability, crime prevention/security, facilities maintenance, contingency management, and environmental concerns). Sears properties consistently rate high, indicating significant loss-control efforts are ongoing and supported by Head Office.