Sears CSR

Other Causes

Sears also supports other registered Canadian charities whose causes are important to our stakeholders, including:

Opération Enfant Soleil (OES)

OES is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1988 to raise funds for the development of high-quality pediatrics and to contribute to social health projects for children in Quebec. Since 1999, Sears Canada and its associates throughout Quebec have supported the work of Opération Enfant Soleil, an innovative fundraising progam that collects and distributes funds for pediatric hospitals across the province of Quebec. Opération Enfant Soleil is one of the most widely recognized charitable organizations in Quebec.
Sears Canada is a major partner of OES. Since 2000, Sears has generated more than $7.5 million on behalf of OES through selling tickets for a major fundraising initiative called Maison Enfant Soleil. As well, Sears fully furnishes and decorates the custom-built home which is the ultimate grand prize in the draw.

Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation

The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation (SEHF) began in 1974-75 as an outgrowth of the friendship between former Sears executive Zeke O’Connor and Sir Edmund Hillary, who had both assisted the Sears Sports Advisory Council from 1972. The SEHF received its charter in 1976, and was registered as a charitable institution with Mr. O’Connor as President and Sir Edmund Hillary as Executive Vice-President.

Along with financial donations, Sears has supported The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation over the last 38 years through providing our Headquarters building and in-house facilities for their operations, and helping to organize their annual gala fundraiser. With a constituency in every province across Canada, and support from companies like Sears, The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation has been successful with implementing projects that help to improve the quality of life of the Sherpa people in Nepal and preserve their heritage.

Variety Club

Sears has maintained a long-standing support of the Variety Club across Canada, through past major sponsorship of its annual telethon and through the continuing annual regional sales of “Gold Heart” pins in many of our stores. Variety Village locations across Canada inspire hope, enrich lives and help build a better future by supporting kids in need.