Sears CSR

Case Study: The Logistics of Giving

Subject Profiled: Stuart MacLennan

Source: Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, IMPACT Magazine

For the past eight years, nothing has made Stuart MacLennan smile more than helping the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary.

“It’s such a good feeling to know we are doing something for the kids,” says the Logistic Support Manager at the Calgary Sears Canada warehouse. “If they don’t have a lot of opportunities, we want to try and make sure they do.”

Stuart is known to be someone who always goes that extra mile. Take the Sears Tree of Wishes, for example. Last year, Calgary’s Penbrooke Meadows Club requested 40 gifts for children and youth during the holiday season but instead, they got more than 60 gifts, all delivered by Stuart himself.

Stuart stops by the Penbrooke Meadows Club every few months to ask what they need. When his wife's school in Okotoks closed down, he helped get all of the children’s chairs donated to the Club. He has facilitated Sears Canada donations of built-in shelving (complete with a work order to jackhammer them to the basement floor!), a Toshiba projector TV, a new vacuum cleaner and a portable stereo.

Sears Canada volunteers also host a pancake breakfast for the Club every summer during the Calgary Stampede and this summer, Stuart helped with the rental of three bouncy castles, setting up a massive game of laser tag in the Calgary warehouse and arranging an airbrush tattoo artist.

As a logistics man, it’s not surprising the Capital One Race for Kids is one of his favourite projects. This national fundraising event for Boys and Girls Clubs features an urban adventure race for grown-ups to act like kids at checkpoint challenges as they race to the finish line. Race for Kids has raised $1.5 million since its creation three years ago and in 2015, 30 cities will host a Race.

“From the beginning, we have been a Race sponsor and every year, people from the community see the Sears Canada checkpoint and ask, ‘What’s going on?’ so we explain it to them. Ours was the only challenge that also got passersby donating on the day of the Race. We try to get people involved.”

Stuart is excited about the big milestone that Sears Canada and Boys and Girls Clubs are celebrating this year. “Fifty years is exceptional! I am very proud. Sears has a very long commitment to kids in the community and my bosses and the management in Calgary are really proud to be involved too. When the Club needs something, we always try to help them out.”

So what’s in store for 2015?

“I’d like to see us get even bigger in Calgary. I’d like to see our corporate retail partners joining in to see what we can do to make it really special for the kids.”