Sears CSR

Case Study: No More Bills, Please!

Subject Profiled: Kevin Le

Since we began our sustainability journey at Sears, we’ve found many cases where small changes to the way things are typically done add up to big savings for the planet. Many of these opportunities have been uncovered by Sears associates trying to work greener day to day.

A great example of this came from Kevin Le, Senior Financial Office Assistant and dedicated Sears Live Green Team member. When Kevin had to temporarily look after some accounts payable duties, he discovered that every month Sears would receive a 25,000 page phone bill (or 3 boxes full of paper) from our telephone service provider! To Kevin this seemed really silly; the phone bill was too large to flip through manually, plus it was costing the company money because every month we would have to ship 3 boxes to a storage facility, where they had to be kept for 7 years.

All it took was a call to the phone company to request electronic billing. Kevin could select only the pages that needed to be printed (usually 4 a month), which saves over 300,000 sheets of paper every year as a result of this one simple action!

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