Sears CSR

Case Study: Change is good


Subject Profiled: Travis Grabowiecki

When he was appointed as Green Team Captain in 2010, Travis Grabowiecki, Logistics Lead at our store in Kelowna, BC, started thinking about sustainability in a whole new light. Not only does he make sure that all waste and recyclables are sorted properly at work, he applies these behaviours at home and finds creative ways to address new challenges. 
Current legislation in BC aims to keep recyclables out of landfill. Disposers can be fined if items such as batteries, beverage containers, cardboard, metal or paper end up in the garbage, however the store’s waste hauler does not acBin.jpgcept all items.   Travis and his team have undertaken a number of initiatives to keep their store on track, such as an area to collect batteries and metal.  A few times each year, the team takes what has accumulated to a nearby collection depot.
Travis goes one step further than recycling – wherever possible he will find a way to repurpose old materials, like the recycling stations he made out of old display fixtures.
Green-team.jpgTravis’ initiatives have helped to improve the culture of sustainability at the Kelowna store. He makes an effort to help associates understand the impacts of sending garbage to landfill, which helps motivate them to recycle properly.  Travis’s openness to suggestions has led to many green-minded associates sharing their wealth of ideas – ideas that he is happy to implement at home and at the store.